When you look at a work of art, you do not want to see wrinkles, a crooked canvas or a not-equally stretched surface. Does your painting, canvas, embroidery, fabric, batik, or print needs to be stretched? Then you have come to the right place here. We will do this with the utmost care for you. We work with stretching according to the high-quality museum standard. Any size and shape is possible for us. From very small (10 x 10 cm) to formats such as the Night Watch and from round canvases to oval: You name it, we frame it!



During the stretching process, we use special glued wood with PEFC approval. The ultimate goal of PEFC is that all forests worldwide are managed in a sustainable way. Over 1,000,000 forest owners who are members of PEFC, manage more than 250 million hectares of certified forest worldwide according to the requirements and criteria of PEFC. Nearly 16,000 companies in the commercial chain have a PEFC "Chain of Custody certificate" to supply sustainable wood and paper. For example, PEFC certified wood (products) and paper are traceable from the forest to many final products.