FineArt printing


Above 45,- = Free sending

Orders under 45,-  we charge 6,95,- shipping costs.


"PrintYourArt" includes various materials on which your art or photos can be printed. The categories are canvas, watercolor paper or photo paper. For this, the high-quality printing technique Giclée  - also called FineArt print - is used. It is the best reproduction technique currently available. Because of the quality, Giclées are indistinguishable by the naked eye from the original. FineArt prints hang in museums and galleries and are fully accepted alongside lithographs, serigraphs, etchings, etc. The high quality is obtained by the pigmented inks that are used. Because of their quality, these prints are reliable for about 100 years. The paper that is used is also high-quality. The giclées are printed on exceptional paper with a special top layer. This results in a velvety fineness, which is unequalled.


Ais-art works with its own machines in limited editions. Your work is in safe hands, proof prints will always be destroyed.

In addition to printing, the professionals of Ais-art can glue your print, passe partout, complete framing, etc. This all can be realized under the same roof. Not sure what you want? We can advise you, so feel free to come by to discuss all the possibilities.


€45 + = free delivery

Transformeer je persoonlijke werk in kunst door middel van FineArt Canvas op houten raam van FseC. Uw foto wordt met hoogwaardige kwaliteit inkten afgedrukt en vervolgens met de hand over de spanstaven gespannen. 

Er kan gekozen worden voor 'beeld om de rand', waar de afdruk om het frame wordt gespannen en 'beeld alleen voorkant' (+ €5,00), waar de randen van het canvas wit blijven.