J. de Graaf

Jochem de Graaf (J. de Graaf) is autodidact. He likes to paint flowers and figurative people. Roses, sunflowers and tulips can often be found on his canvases. De Graaf uses relief to create an optical illusion, which gives the viewer the feeling that the flowers and figures are sticking out the canvas. He achieves this 3D-effect by means of thickening paste. After applying this thick paint with the use of a putty knife or a brush, he refines his work. With smaller brushes he applies details of, for example, the flowers. De Graaf also uses the ‘stippling technique'. With this technique, pure oil paint is applied to the canvas. De Graaf does this with various brush brushes and sponges, resulting in a playful effect of small dots.


The colours he uses are mainly warm. This creates lively, sunny paintings, intended to make the viewer happy.