Willi Kissmer

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At the age of 20, Willi Kissmer starts the Graphic Art course at the Folkwang Art School. Here he developed his own style and immersed himself in various complex production techniques. Soon Kissmer is noticed by the art world and his works are shown in exhibitions. Kissmer uses a combination of etching techniques: drypoint, mezzotint and aquatint. He uses these techniques to create expressive, sensual works. These are characterized by their charm and passion, but above all the tension that Kissmer creates through the manipulation of light and playing with garments that envelop the female skin. His works resemble a snapshot from a camera, but are much more vibrant than an ordinary photograph could ever be.


In addition to etchings, Kissmer also makes sculptural works. Where the etchings show the female bodies flat and flat, they can now be admired in three dimensions. Here too, Kissmer shows that he is a master in the sensual representation of the female body.