PerfectWhite Glass

Ais-art frame with PerfectWhite glass as standard

Name: Perfect White Clear

Clear white float glass 2.0 mm

Thickness 2.0mm

Transmission 91%

Gloss value 140

UV value 40%

Reflection value 8.0%

Application: In replaceable artworks with limited commercial and/or sentimental value and where visual appearance is important. The glass only has a protective function against dust and dirt.

Production method:  The raw materials are additionally filtered, in which the iron oxides are removed from the sand. These extra filtered raw materials are melted into a liquid mass at a temperature of 1700 degrees Celsius. The interaction of propulsion through the furnace and the widening and narrowing of the liquid mass creates a ribbon of liquid glass. The width of the liquid mass is 3210 mm. During the melting of the raw materials, nitrogen is pumped into the furnace. Whith the presence of nitrogen, there can be no oxygen, this causes the pinholes to close up and a flat glass plate is created. After this processing, the glass strip passes through the cooling tunnel. This cooling tunnel is at least 150 meters long. After the glass leaves the cooling tunnel, it is checked for errors with light and optical cameras. Any errors (pinholes) are marked with powder. The glass is cut to the desired dimensions on the line. The sheets with defects are collected in containers at the end of the production line. This glass is crushed and melted down again. The glass is washed by robots and packed with paper, between the plates packed in wooden boxes.