Theo Onnes

Kunstenaar: Theo Onnes
Onderwerp: Blauwe frontale koe
Productnr: 1045
Signatuur: Theo Onnes
Afmetingen: 64 cm x 62 cm
Ingelijst: ja

Framed with Perfect White glass. Press the button on the right for more information.

Theo Onnes is a visual artist who is known for his paintings of cows and goats. From 1994 to 1999 Onnes studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Minerva in Groningen. He now works and lives in the village of Uithuizen, where the Groningen landscape and animals are a constant source of inspiration for him. The island Schiermonnikoog stokes his enthusiasm for painting as well. He visits this island for several weeks each year, where he paints the sea, the beach, the sky, the dunes, the mudflats and the tranquillity of Schiermonnikoog indefinitely. At first glance, Onnes captures 'normal' daily life beautifully. With his works he wants to arouse emotion, emotion and recognition in the viewer.