Art is an experience. It evokes emotions. To fully enjoy art, it is essential that everything is perfectly visible. You do not want to have colour distortions, you want to experience the colour without a green haze. To prevent this, we take into account every detail, including the glass. Wrong glass can cloud the picture. Our “basic” glass is PerfectWhite glass, which is produced especially for museums and professional framers like ours. In the production of this glass, magnetism is used to clean the glass from metal particles. This creates a beautiful clear glass so that the white and the colours look the same, just as if there was no glass in front of the artwork.


A special coating is also used with this professional glass, Art glass (current Museum glass), which makes the glass appear “almost” invisible. In addition to removing the reflection that many find annoying, a framed graph or watercolour looks almost as intense in colour as an oil painting (which is framed without glass). The glass we use as standard has a UV protection of 49%. In our range we also have glass with higher percentages, even up to 99%. In addition, you can also opt for impact-resistant (vandal-proof) or even the bullet-resistant glass option.

Glass replacement

If you have a work of art that is covered with “normal” glass, we advise you to replace it with ArtGlass. We make a crystal-clear quotation and after approval we replace the frame(s) with ArtGlass. Of course we immediately check the framing and artwork for the absence of acid-free cardboard attachment and we replace bad suspension. The artwork can be delivered, but we can also pick it up for you at an additional cost. In that case, as part of our full service, we will also hang it back for you in exactly the same place.

Glass reparation

Accidents happen. Glass can break. Is your artwork, the glass or the frame damaged? Then you have come to the right place. If an incident has occurred and your glass is broken, we can repair and/or replace the glass. This also applies to the frame. We generally first look for possibilities to repair the glass, frame, passe-partout or object, so that replacement is not necessary.

If it is mandatory to enter into dialogue with the insurer about repairing the damage, we can also take over this task for you. Our invoices are crystal clear, so that it is simple to explain and easily recoverable.