Trudie Canwood

Kunstenaar: Trudie Canwood
Onderwerp: Met krulspelden in bad
Productnr: Q-1037
Signatuur: Tcanwoodruge
Afmetingen: 60 cm x 80 cm

Kunstenaar: Trudie Canwood
Onderwerp: Hangen met krulspelden in een hangmat
Productnr: J-1588
Afmetingen: 64 cm x 84 cm
Ingelijst: ja

Trudie Canwood-Kruger started painting in 2003 after staying with family in Curaçao. Much of her work has a Caribbean atmosphere due to the use of bright, radiant colors. From 2009 she fully focused on the arts and became a professional artist. Her images can be described as figurative, uncomplicated and strong. Canwood herself describes her art as: “happy, colorful and puts a smile on your face.” Her work is mainly sold abroad, but Canwood also regularly exhibits in the Netherlands. In addition, her art is included in various books and diaries and is also used for everyday objects such as: cups, placemats and postcards.