Antonio Poioumen

Kunstenaar: Antonio Poioumen
Onderwerp: Rode tulpen op historische nagels
Productnr: 1650
Techniek: Diverse materialen
Afmetingen: 60 cm x 180 cm
Ingelijst: ja

Kunstenaar: Antionio Poioumen
Onderwerp: Abstract schilderij met warme kleuren
Productnr: J-9477
Techniek: Acryl op AluPanel
Signatuur: Antiono Poioumen
Afmetingen: 50 cm x 60 cm
Ingelijst: ja


Kunstenaar: Anton Poiouman
Onderwerp: Expressionistisch werk met Pyramide
Productnr: G-6441
Techniek: Olieverf
Afmetingen: 60 cm x 70 cm

Antonio Pouioumen combines thickly spread acrylic paint with various materials. His works can be described as 'abstract-realistic', but they are so much more than this empty phrase. His works require a certain intellectual effort, they are almost never meaningless. His art is meant to challenge, educate and makes you wonder. The longer you look, the more you see on the canvas. For example, when he uses newsprint in his work, connections can be discovered in the texts shown. Poioumen has a clear signature through the special use of materials and structures.


With his work Poioumen commits himself to helping others. The profit of his art goes to the Poioumen Foundation. This foundation helps elderly in third world countries with microfinance for small-scale enterprises.