Ad van Hassel

Kunstenaar: Ad van Hassel
Onderwerp: Gele tulpen op klaar blauwe dag 
Productnr: G- 6447
Signatuur: Hassel
Afmetingen: 60 x 80 cm
Ingelijst: nee

In 1980 Ad van Hassel started painting. He makes different types of art such as cityscapes, landscapes and still lifes. However he is best known for his tulip paintings and his colourful serigraphs. In 1990 Ad started making screen prints of his own paintings. He was so skilled at it that other artists also wanted to screenprint their artworks by Van Hassel. Ad also specialized in a new technique. He creates coloured sculptures with CNC laser cutting and milling of various synthetic materials. Ad van Hassel is an innovative artist, known at home and abroad.