Perfect White Artglass

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Perfect White Artglass

Perfect White Art Glass is a special type of glass that is used for framing photos, paintings and works of art. This type of glass contains a number of unique qualities. The glass has features such as anti-reflection, an anti-reflective coating and UV protection. Ideal for your children's photos or that beautiful painting you have finally purchased. But what makes Perfect White Art Glass so special?

The peculiarity of Perfect White Artglass

Perfect White Art glass is a type of glass that has a number of unique characteristics. For example, the glass is so clear that it is sometimes not even recognizable as glass. Reflection and color are almost impossible to find. It is therefore the perfect glass for everything you want to frame!

Characteristic of Perfect White Art glass

Perfect White Art glass has a number of traits that make this glass the perfect glass for your framing. Perfect White is an extra clear float glass. This glass has a low iron content and the glass is almost colourless. With other types of glass, a green edge color can often be seen, which is not the case with Perfect White Art glass. This makes it ideal for framing photos and paintings. So if you want to transfer the actual colour of a picture or artwork cleanly, this glass is the right choice.

There are many different types of glass from Perfect White Artglas, each with unique qualities. So there is a suitable type of glass for every framing. For example, for photos or artworks that must be preserved for the future, there is glass with UV protection. A special type of glass that protects up to 99% of the radiation harmful to your work. UV protection ensures that your photos or works of art are protected against aging by the sun