Clemens Briels

Kunstenaar: Clemens Briels
Onderwerp: Felgekleurde, figuratieve voorstelling van een vogel, mens en dier in een landschap. In Briels' eigen stijl: 'Antipodisme'
Productnr: 1315
Techniek: Carborundum
Signatuur: Briels' 07
Afmetingen: 80 cm x 107 cm
Ingelijst: ja

Framed with Perfect White glass. Press the button on the right for more information

Clemens Briels wanted to be an artist from an early age. In 1965 he started a course at the Academy of Industrial Design, with a clear goal in mind: to become an artist. However due to circumstances, he ended up in the advertising world. At the age of 45 he still decides to pursue a career as artist.

Briels soon conquered a spot in the art world and even created his own style named: 'Antipodism'. Briels prefers to depict the opposite, rather than what is acquired and the stereotype. He consciously does not follow trends and his inspiration descends from his own experience. As a result, his work shows infinite fantasies in bright colours. Briels himself says about this: ”I like to paint with bright colours. I don't like those gloomy canvases. Maybe this has to do with my being an extrovert.”

Behind every work there is a story, an imaginative look at real events. His works of art are therefore anecdotes from an opposing society, in a figurative cheerful style.