Every restoration starts with a diagnosis. The nature and extent of the damage must first be assessed. After this assessment, you will receive a no-obligation advice, restoration plan and an overview of the costs.


The plan may include the following activities:


  • cleaning by removing surface dirt
  • removing old, yellowed layers of varnish
  • repairing holes and cracks
  • retouching damage
  • (re)lining*
  • filling, painting and applying a new layer of varnish
  • restoration of frames


All materials used are stable. The restoration is reversible.


During the restoration, photos are taken of the various stages. You will receive this afterwards, together with a restoration report. If desired, you can get advice about the climatic conditions of the room where your artwork hangs.


Your valuable work is insured during the process.


*The lining of paintings is an art restoration used to strengthen, flatten or consolidate oil or tempera paintings on canvas by attaching a new support to the back of the existing one.