Jeroen Dercksen

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Jeroen Dercksen is a versatile artist. He is both a painter and draftsman in various disciplines. Dercksen mainly creates works in a figurative or abstract style in the subjects: portraits, landscapes and flowers. “My aim is to make paintings and drawings that are pure and unaffected. The work must be made visible with attention and craftsmanship. I want to focus on the only thing that is really of value: the positive power of people, flowers, landscapes and harmonious abstract paintings. I do this by presenting the subjects in isolation from their context,” Dercksen says. The spontaneous effect is very important here. He first starts with a (conscious) underpainting and then leaves it as much as possible to spontaneity and chance. Finally, he looks at his chaos of shapes and colours and Dercksen thinks about how he can put order back into it.


With his ordered abstract chaos, Dercksen has won several awards. He has also exhibited in many galleries and museums.