Herman Brood

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Besides a painter, Herman Brood was also a singer, pianist, actor and author. He drew a lot when he was just a little boy, so his creativity shone through very early. Everywhere he could and whenever he had the time, Brood was busy drawing: on the bus, train, café, etc. At the age of seventeen, Brood left for the Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem. Here he started to develop his painting skills.


Brood painted in the Cobra style. This style is known for its spontaneous, experimental working method. Bright primary colours and large canvases are often used. The choice for primary colours was due to Brood's colour blindness. Characteristic of his works are the black letters on his work. His signature 'Brood' is an important part of his work. Besides paint, Brood also used other materials such as aerosol cans, hypodermic needles, paint rollers and felt-tip pens.


Brood has created an astonishing play of colours by means of a few strips of paint.